Manyinga Community Resource Centre Orphan & Vulnerable Children Schools Project

In partnership with the local community, the Manyinga Project supports two schools, Grade one to seven, at Chinema and Samafunda, small villages in the Manyinga region of Zambia.

Approximately 300 children are enrolled at Chinema, while the Sumafunda School typically enrols over 130 students. The state curriculum is taught, including English (the national language of Zambia), math and health. However, at these two schools, agriculture is also integrated into the student’s education experience, helping the students learn basic farming and gardening skills they can apply on their own land. 

Since the Manyinga Orphan and Vulnerable Children Schools initiative started, classrooms have been built which have greatly improved the safety and well-being of the children, while providing a good learning environment. Latrines have been built, and wells have been dug, providing a better source of water and better sanitation. A Health Care professional regularly visits the school and provides ongoing training and basic health care such as deworming medicine to all the children and staff. Healthier children learn better! The graduation rates at the Manyinga schools are higher than the national average. Virtually all students at the schools graduate from Grade 7, increasing their chances of further education and a better future.

Teachers’ residences have also been built which help to reduce the time needed for teachers to travel to school. Many of the teachers are local people; some are themselves AIDS orphans who have worked hard to have their chance to give back.

Despite the progress to date, there is still much to be done to support the Schools Project.  Your donations to the Manyinga Project will help to:

  • Continue to pay for teacher’s allowances and support their efforts to acquire and upgrade their teaching certificates. Approximately $150 per month supports one teacher’s salary. 
  • Complete building of teachers’ residences
  • Support building costs for infrastructure at the school, for things such as latrines, fencing, storage, etc.
  • Support the cost of basic health care, such as deworming medicine, etc.
  • Augment the Feeding/Nutrition program beyond what is available from school gardens and the sale of agricultural produce.

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"I like everything about the school, but my favourite subject is English.  I like to speak English.  Every day I speak English, even at home."