Manyinga Community Resource Centre Orphan & Vulnerable Children Schools Project

With support from OMEX, a Manitoba producer is making a big difference in the lives of children in Africa.

Art Enns, a producer in Manitoba, is donating the revenue from his 40 acre canola crop to the Manyinga Project, which operates two schools for orphaned children in the Manyinga region of Africa. The schools teach local children the state curriculum, as well as how to grow field crops, fruits, vegetables and raise goats.

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Thank you for your interest and continued support of the Manyinga Project – an initiative that provides basic education and essential agricultural and food production skills to about 400 children (in grades 1 through 7) in two different schools in rural Zambia. This update includes highlights from Term 1 at the schools, fundraising updates and tips on how you can help out this season!

Highlights from the Schools

On April 19th, Los Rancheros the oldest Mexican folk dancing troupe in Italy reached out to create a totally global effort to support the Manyinga schools.  With Mexican music from an amazing live Mariachi band and great catering from Le Jalepeno, they entertained all Rome, Italy. A truly global audience, filled with representatives from diplomatic missions and UN agencies in Rome, cheered on the lively performance and gave kindly to support the schools in Zambia. 

Manyinga Project Spring Update

Thank you for your continued interest in the Manyinga Orphan and Vulnerable Children School Project. Allen and Myrna Ronald visited the Manyinga district in February and brought back firsthand observations about changes in the region, along with feedback about how school children, teachers and the project initiatives are faring. Allen and his wife, Myrna are the founders of the Manyinga Project. The full story of how this initiative got underway can be found here.