Manyinga Community Resource Centre Orphan & Vulnerable Children Schools Project

Art Enns stands in front of the 40 acres of canola.
Art Enns stands in front of the 40 acres of canola he grew this summer in support of the Manyinga Project.
For the third consecutive year, Manitoba producer and Manyinga Project committee member Art Enns has grown a crop in support of our two schools in Africa. This year, with the help of a group of agriculture companies, Enns will be making the largest donation to date.

Enns had a final yield of 2,300 bushels on the 40 acres of canola he planted, which he sold for close to $25,000 and donated to the Manyinga Project.

“The overall yield was incredible – 57 bushels per acre was a record on my farm. In my area, yields like this are virtually unheard of,” says Enns. “I absolutely couldn’t have accomplished this without the generous contributions from the companies who have supported me.”

In past years, Enns has mostly paid for the cost of seed, fertilizer, fuel and other expenses associated with the field on his own. This year, several agricultural companies came together to support Enns in his philanthropy, resulting in the record yield.

“It’s been so great to have these companies on board,” says Enns. “It was really an incredible field, and that wasn’t thanks to anything I did. It was a combination of good weather and the support I’ve received.”

Canterra Seeds provided the seed, Paterson Grain donated granular fertilizer, OMEX Agriculture Inc., provided high performance plant nutrition and GJ Chemical made a monetary donation to cover some of Enns’s fuel and pesticide costs.

“At OMEX, we believe in supporting agriculture education and the dedicated people around the world who help deliver it,” says Amanda Fabris, Office and Marketing Manager for OMEX Agriculture Inc.

“OMEX has supported the Manyinga Project for a number of years, but this year was our first opportunity to work with them on a fundraising initiative of this magnitude,” says Fabris. “We worked with Art throughout the season and we’re thrilled with the harvest results.”

The revenue from the harvest will help fund two schools for orphaned and vulnerable children in Chinema and Samafunda, small villages in the Manyinga region of Zambia. In addition to the regular curriculum, the schools teach the critical agricultural skills the children need in an area where subsistence farming is the primary way of life.

“Part of our mission at Canterra is to generate success through strategic partnerships, and this opportunity aligns perfectly with that mission,” says Sheena Pitura, director of marketing at Canterra Seeds. “We’re happy to come together with Art and the other companies to support agriculture education for a group of children who need it most.”

By coming together, Enns and his generous supporters will make a world of difference for children in the Manyinga region.

“When Art shared with me how successful the field was this year, I was speechless. With the help he had from companies like OMEX and Canterra I had high hopes for his harvest this year, but when he told everyone here at the Manyinga Project what the yield was and how much he’d be contributing to the project, we almost couldn’t believe it,” says Robynne Anderson, one of the founders of the Manyinga Project. “It is going to make a real difference in our fundraising to support these two schools and the over 300 children that attend them.”

For Enns, passing on the love and skills of farming is the reason he puts in the work.

“In the end, it’s all about the children,” says Enns. “I’ve always been passionate about teaching the next generation about farming, and I’m happy to work with these companies that share my view and want to support the cause.”

On behalf of all of us at the Manyinga Project, thank you, Art, and the companies that supported you - Canterra Seeds, Paterson Grain, OMEX Agriculture Inc. and GJ Chemical.