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Another Fantastic Fundraiser thanks to Manitoba Growers

Despite some challenging harvest conditions for western Canadian growers this fall, The Manyinga Project is very grateful for the hard work and generosity of three Manitoba farms that have harvested over 2800 bushels of wheat and over 2000 bushels of canola – proceeds from which will go to the Manyinga Project.  With three fields donated this year, this is our biggest harvest yet, and the initiative continues to grow through increasing interest in the Manyinga Project from local growers.

Despite the hot weather our supporters are busy.

We are so thankful for our new supporters at Marsh River Farms. Harold and Lorne Janzen have donated 20 acres of this wheat field to the children in Manyinga.

The wheat yields are doing better than expected, and this was Lorne’s best yielding field. They still have two other fields to harvest, along with a wheat field and a canola field from two other supporters.

The Manyinga Project is an initiative to support two community-based schools for orphans and vulnerable children in a remote region of Zambia. The schools run from Grade 1 through 7, and the curriculum includes a Farm Initiative which provides training in agriculture and horticulture to the students. Land and some labour is provided by the local community, and the project provides inputs and an agronomy teacher.

The Manyinga Project Committee would like to thank the many donors who supported the Manyinga Orphan and Vulnerable Children Project in 2017. Donor support ensures the continued success of providing education and agriculture skills to over 350 orphan and vulnerable children in rural Zambia.

The Manyinga Project supports two community schools, providing opportunities for those students to receive a basic education as well as important agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry skills through the Farm Initiative program. 

Art Enns stands in front of the 40 acres of canola.
Art Enns stands in front of the 40 acres of canola he grew this summer in support of the Manyinga Project.
For the third consecutive year, Manitoba producer and Manyinga Project committee member Art Enns has grown a crop in support of our two schools in Africa. This year, with the help of a group of agriculture companies, Enns will be making the largest donation to date.

Enns had a final yield of 2,300 bushels on the 40 acres of canola he planted, which he sold for close to $25,000 and donated to the Manyinga Project.