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It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our long-time friend, colleague and mentor, Art Enns.

Art was an integral part of the Manyinga Project Working Committee for the past several years. Art felt strongly about helping the orphaned and vulnerable children at the Chinema and Samafunda schools in Zambia, Africa. Aware of how much farming knowledge he gained directly from his father, he was personally moved to action by the thought of these children not benefiting from the same transfer of knowledge, that for them, was critical to their future.

His knowledge and passion for agriculture made him an invaluable member of the committee. In addition, Art’s generosity created countless growth opportunities for the Project.

Art spearheaded several major fundraising activities, the first began as a small gathering of friends and family to be entertained by his son, Chris, and introduced to the project.

Art and Chris Enns
Art and Chris Enns at the dinner and concert organized by Art.
The next year, this grew to a fundraising dinner and concert attended by over 100 supporters and raising funds for almost an entire year of project operations.

Following the success of that dinner, Art focused his fundraising activities on growing a crop every year from which the proceeds would be donated to the project. He soon recruited other like-minded Manitoba growers and input suppliers to support him, and this initiative became the primary project funder for the past four years.

It is due to Art’s substantial fundraising efforts that the Manyinga Project has been fully funded and will have the opportunity to grow and expand its reach beyond the Manyinga district schools in the years ahead.

Art delighted the children with his visits to their schools.
Art travelled to the schools on two occasions – once in 2018 and recently in 2020. He loved meeting the children, who were delighted by his visits, and seeing the difference the project had made in the community.

During his most recent visit, Art initiated a project involving the school, community members, local farmers and agricultural representatives to improve agronomic practices and crop production – all in the hope to create a more sustainable program for the Manyinga Project.

Art will be sadly missed by everyone involved in and supported by the Manyinga Project. The working committee would like to thank Art’s family and friends for sharing him with us over the past several years. We are so grateful for his dedication to the Manyinga Project and he will be forever missed.

Art Enns passed away on Sunday, March 8th, 2020. Art was 71 years old.

Per Art’s wishes, donations can be made in his memory to the Manyinga Project

The Manyinga School Project

The Manyinga School Project has worked to help the communities of Chinema and Samafunda by supporting teacher’s salaries, agricultural inputs for the Farm Initiative, basic infrastructure needs, and other health and nutrition initiatives. 

The Manyinga Project supports two community-based schools for orphans and vulnerable children in a remote region of Zambia. Click here to read an update from the end of the school year.


Imagine living on less than a dollar a day and having no tuition money for your child to start grade one. Imagine a child skinning his knee, with no mother to clean the wound nor bandage to cover it. Imagine trying to learn how to earn a living on your small family farm, when your parents are gone.

In a remote corner of North Western Zambia, the Manyinga Project has resulted in the support of two schools giving orphans and vulnerable children an education, access to better nutrition and health, basic farming training and skills, and a better outlook for the future.

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