Manyinga Community Resource Centre Orphan & Vulnerable Children Schools Project

The Manyinga School Project has worked to help the communities of Chinema and Samafunda by supporting teacher’s salaries, agricultural inputs for the Farm Initiative, basic infrastructure needs, and other health and nutrition initiatives. 

The Manyinga Project supports two community-based schools for orphans and vulnerable children in a remote region of Zambia. Click here to read an update from the end of the school year.


Imagine living on less than a dollar a day and having no tuition money for your child to start grade one. Imagine a child skinning his knee, with no mother to clean the wound nor bandage to cover it. Imagine trying to learn how to earn a living on your small family farm, when your parents are gone.

In a remote corner of North Western Zambia, the Manyinga Project has resulted in the support of two schools giving orphans and vulnerable children an education, access to better nutrition and health, basic farming training and skills, and a better outlook for the future.

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